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this is my blog where I'll post random thoughts, share music, my likes, rant when things don't go my way, and maybe sometimes, expose some sides of me you wouldn't normally see.

I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart.
I am. I am. I am..

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Phantom Pain

Slowly and carefully you made your way inside
Hurting, but disregarded the pain
I opened up, eager to welcome you in
Deeper and Deeper
The better it felt
I was so lost into you
Your smell, the way you tasted,
and the hills of your body
Drove me crazy
Deeper and Deeper
We were in unison
Moving so flawlessly in a loving rhythm,
We were perfect.
I pulled you closer to me- as if it were possible
You were so mesmerizing.
In the palm of your hands, I was in your mercy.
Your touch made every cell in my body jump with joy
Faster, Faster
I was losing it
“I Love You”
I thought I heard you whisper
And my body replied with such intensity
I had lost it
My muscles relaxed
And my skin felt cool.
I felt your presence,
But we were no longer connected…
And I was the only one affected.

Me and Mikey playing Guess Who! Lol, his first win. (Taken with instagram)




Coldplay is just that band. There’s no way you cannot like coldplay. The hood niggas in the ghettos listen to coldplay. Based god’s playlist is 50% himself and 50% coldplay. On the 8th day God created coldplay. Put slipknot as a station on pandora and coldplay still appears. Coldplay made a deaf man hear. Twice! Coldplay makes you happy/sad/motivated/angry all at the sametime.

My point is, you cannot not like coldplay. Coldplay is just that band.

Woke up at 2pm, didn’t even have my coffee yet but ate this deliciousness with Anthony! Nomnomnom  (Taken with instagram)